Please read the programme description carefully first. Below you will find additional answers to frequently asked questions.

In which categories can one apply?
The award categories of the German Jazz Prize are divided into submission categories and curated categories. The eleven submission categories are open to the public, while in the other curated categories the proposals for potential award winners are made solely by the expert and main jury. The eleven submission categories and their application requirements can be found in the programme description as well as in the graphic overview

Is it possible to apply in more than one category?
It is possible to apply in more than one category, provided that the artistic achievement fulfils the respective requirements of the individual award categories, e.g. application for Debut Album of the Year and Album Vocal of the Year. However, it is not possible to apply with the same artistic achievement in a national and an international category at the same time.

For which years can one apply?
Generally, the awards of the German Jazz Prize always refer to the previous year. The evaluation period for submissions for the German Jazz Award 2022 is from 11 January 2021 to 30 November 2021.

How can I submit files, e.g. PDFs or photos of analogue print reviews with the application?
Only links can be inserted in the application portal of the German Jazz Award; unfortunately, file uploads are not possible this year for various reasons. We therefore ask all applicants to provide files via cloud solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Windows One Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint or other providers. It is important that the link is permanently available and accessible; time-limited links such as those provided by WeTransfer are therefore unsuitable. Uploads are possible in the categories composition, arrangement and journalistic achievement.

Who finally chooses the award winners?
The selection of the award winners takes place in a two-stage process: The expert jury votes from all the applications and proposals received in an online vote and in this way determines three nominees. These three nominees are then presented to the main jury, which then selects the award winner in a joint vote.

Where can I find an overview of the jury members?
The members of the expert jury and the main jury have not yet been constituted and will be published on the website perspectives of this lively music scene, the jury is formed as a representative cross-section of five people from each of the following areas: Artists, labels/publishers, clubs/festivals, management/agencies and journalists/media representatives.