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14. April 2023

These are the first prize winners

Before the German Jazz Prize is awarded on April 27, 2023, and the nominees can enjoy their trophies, the first two winners have already been announced:

This year, the brothers Rolf Kühn (*1929, †2022) and Joachim Kühn (*1944) will be honored for their lifetime achievements. The clarinetist and the pianist (respectively) are among the most distinguished and successful German jazz musicians.

This year the main jury of the German Jazz Prize awards the Special Prize of the Jury to Queer Cheer – Community for “Jazz” and Improvised Music, founded by Julia Kadel, Erik Leuthäuser, Laura Winkler and Friede Merz. With Queer Cheer, the founders have created one of the first queer communities in the German jazz scene, which deals with topics such as diversity, intersectionality, multiperspectivity and interdisciplinarity.

For both categories, members of the expert jury and main jury submitted proposals. The main jury then selected the winners.