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14. March 2022

The nominations for the German Jazz Prize have been determined – Start of ticket sales

The nominees for the German Jazz Prize have been determined! This year, the largest award for the national and international jazz scene in Germany received about 1,000 submissions, including artists, labels and publishers. These were evaluated and discussed by the five appointed expert juries in sessions lasting several days.

Now the 81 nominees have been determined. A total of 31 winners will be chosen in the five main categories. The winners selected by the main jury will receive a trophy and prize money totaling more than €300,000. The nominees’ exceptional artistic and innovative achievements in a national and international context are the decisive factors for being honored with the German Jazz Prize 2022.

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A diverse main jury selects prize winners

The winners of the German Jazz Prize are selected by an independently acting main jury. The jury is made up of personalities with diverse professional backgrounds and expertise; members of the professional jury, prominent players in the jazz scene and personalities from cultural and public life. In addition, the multi-faceted composition of the main jury is intended to reflect the diverse image of the national and international jazz scene within Germany and to provide as representative a cross-section of the jazz scene as possible. The members of the main jury are appointed for two years at a time, with a rotation principle ensuring that new and old members always form the core of the main jury.

This year, the German Jazz Prize is pleased to have a 16-member jury made up of experienced and committed experts from the jazz scene, who perform their work as part of the main jury with great dedication.

“It is an honor to be a member of the jury for the German Jazz Prize, there are so many deserving artists and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to help support the German and international jazz scene”

Kurt Rosenwinkel, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and member of the main jury.

Together, the main jury members review the submissions of the 81 nominees in intensive sessions on various criteria, such as their artistic quality and innovation. Beate Sampson, presenter at Bayerischer Rundfunk and chair of the main jury commented:

“The creative power of the international jazz scene is unbroken, although the pandemic years are having a dramatic effect on the working conditions of musicians and composers, and now the war of aggression in Ukraine, which is contrary to international law, is casting dark shadows. The jury of the German Jazz Award is deeply impressed by the high quality, artistic expressiveness and emotional depth of the submitted works and productions, and has entered the discussion with great respect for them – knowing full well that much more than we can award is worthy of a prize.”

But social factors are also relevant criteria for the German Jazz Prize, in addition to outstanding musical achievements by the prize-winners, as jury member and music journalist Aida Baghernejad notes:

“Jazz is applied politics, from its beginnings to its contemporary varieties around the world. And as a pop culture journalist, it’s important to me to highlight this side of jazz and promote artist:s who are building bridges out of the jazz scene into society and into hip-hop, pop and electronic music.”

Advance ticket sales for the awards ceremony and concert evening start on March 15. All further information on ticket sales, the categories and the application can be found at

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